• Teacher:  Mr. Green

    Room:  A 205      E-Mail: rgreen1@houstonisd.org


    Text:  History Alive! The United States Through Modern Times


    8th Grade United States History is a required full year course within the Houston ISD curriculum.  It is offered to students their eighth-grade year. This class is an exploration into the birth and development of America with focus on geography, economy, government, foreign affairs and the people who helped to shape the new nation. Throughout the course, an emphasis is placed on the development of social studies skills, critical thinking skills, geography skills and the multicultural nature of American society. Each assignment will be based on district and state standards. This subject is STAAR tested.


    Student Expectations:

    1. Be on time, on task, and ready for each class
    2. Keep electronics put away unless directed otherwise by the instructor
    3. Follow directions the first time they are given
    4. Respect; the teacher, the classroom and each other

    Course Requirements:

    1. Unit tests are given at the end of each unit (with exceptions).
    2. Students will be given daily assignments, with plenty of class time in which to complete. A minimum of 2 grades will be posted weekly. All grades will be submitted within 7 days of the date turned in class.
    3. Late work will be accepted if it is received before 5 class days for partial credit.
    4. Extra credit assignments may be offered but are not guaranteed.
    5. Students will participate in various group and individual projects.


    By the end of this year, students will:


    ØDemonstrate and strengthen your ability to complete content-based writings using correct vocabulary.

    ØStrengthen your reading skills.

    ØCompare/contrast/synthesize and analyze information.

    ØExercise critical thinking and communication skills in formal and informal discussions.




    Units of Study


    The 13 Colonies

    Causes of the American Revolution

    The American Revolution

    Constitutional Convention

    The Constitution: Principles and Bill of Rights

    Domestic and Foreign Policies in the New Republic 1789-1820

    The Young Nation Grows and Expands

    The Road to War

    The Civil War and Reconstruction

    Social, and Political Frontiers

    Tying it All Together- A Review Unit