Principles of Applied Engineering


    Course Instructor: John Coulter (Juanito)                                                                             Email: jcoulter@houstonisd.org

    Phone: (832) 264-4017                                                                                                                                       Room:  A209

    Course Description: Engineers are shaping the future. From making renewable energy affordable to providing access to clean drinking water to engineering better medicines, engineers are taking on the world’s biggest challenges. Through Engineering Math, students can discover how engineers turn ideas into reality and the math behind these ideas.



    Materials  Each student must provide the following supplies by Friday 8/31:

    1. Graph paper engineering notebook (letter size)
    2. Pen(s) (pencil is not allowed)


    If you are unable to get the required supplies, please see me privately and we will make sure that you get what you need to be successful.


    Grading:  Each six weeks will be graded as follows:





    Formative Assessments/


    Summative Assessments/

    Project deliverables

    Daily Work/Homework


                               This course is 100% group work, but you will be assessed individually. You will be graded primarily on your team’s ability to deliver on project goals, as well as, individual assessments. Teams will be held responsible for due dates even if team members are absent. There are no Common Assessments for this course. 

    Outside of Class Requirements: You may have work that you need to finish outside of class. The lunch block will serve as a time for your team to meet.





    Knowledge is too precious to steal.  Make sure everything that you turn in to me is your own work (i.e. in your OWN words).  Please make sure that you understand that even “group work” should be your own.  Collaboration is a very important skill needed to be successful in this class. Because of this expectation, any time you work with others please acknowledge them in your work. Otherwise, I will assume you worked independently


    In order to enter the classroom, you must do the following every day:

    ·         Arrive to class on time.

    • At the end of class, you must remain in your seat until dismissed.



    If you miss class, you will miss assignments. It is your responsibility to make up your missed group work with your team. Any individual assignments must be made up within a week of your absence.


    • You may not under any circumstances touch any lab materials before you are instructed to do so.
    • The room is also used to teach other classes, so there may be times when someone else’s project or another lab is set up on the countertops. Under no circumstances are you allowed to touch another students’ project and/or disturb lab equipment you are not instructed to use.
    • You must always demonstrate safe laboratory practices. This includes wearing projectile safety goggles when asked. Students may be working with box cutters and/or Exacto-knives. Students will receive training on how to use these properly and safely.
    • Because this is a laboratory/math class, food and drinks are not permitted, unless given permission by the teacher.


    • Use your judgment when you ask to use the restroom – it should not disrupt the flow of the lesson unless it is an emergency. If you abuse your bathroom privileges, you will lose them.
    • This class is not a time to schedule meetings with college counselors, other teachers and/or administrative staff. Arrive to class with your business either taken care of or put on hold.
    • If you are attending a field or college trip, you must seek prior approval by the teacher AND your group members. Mr. Coulter will not sign your field trip release form until all members have approved your absence. Mr. Coulter will not approve a field trip if you have below a 70% in the course.


    1. Encourage others
    2. Do not talk over other students/teacher
    3. Ask for help









    I have read and understood the Mr. Coulter’s Syllabus and Class Procedures which describes:

    1)            The overall goals and requirements for this engineering course,

    2)            The expected student behaviors.

    3)            The laboratory safety requirements for being safe in the ‘lab’.

    4)            The grading standards for earning a grade in the course.

    5)            The out-of-class study requirements, which are expected and necessary for me to be successful in this course.


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