TrabingCorp Global Innovations Group (TGIG)

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    August 27, 2018


    To our new hires, future innovators, current world-changers:


    Welcome to the TrabingCorp team, and I am so glad you are here. I hope that you accepted this position seeking to make a difference in the world around you. Because for the duration of your time here with us, every aspect of you can be leveraged to impact change in our world – you only must leverage it. You will be united as a cohort seeking out places in the world where the fabric of society has ripped apart. And together, we will begin to mend that fabric through innovation and action. Always remember, the first is worthless without the latter. No longer are you the “next generation” or “our future leaders.” You are part of the now generation. And your time is here.


    While innovating change on a global scale, new hires must successfully complete a fully documented IB MYP Personal Project with TrabingCorp before becoming eligible for promotion in the organization. This project’s process aligns with our organizational vision, highlighting your own sustained personal growth as you orchestrate sustained change in world. As individuals and groups, you will explore areas of global need in light of human connectivity and sustainability, striving for social justice while cultivating personal growth in the process.  


    You will be stretched. You will be moved from within your comfort zone. Push yourself.  Don’t be content with the world as it is. Drive it forward.


    Welcome to the team #tgig,

     James Trabing

    CEO TrabingCorp Global Innovations Group