• Welcome to 4th Grade Math/Science! There has never been a more exciting time to discover the world of math and science! You will discover a great deal more this school year. The expectation is that you“try on” the role of a mathematician and scientist in that you will employ critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Contact Information

  • I have a question?

    Where can I get help?

    Check the following in order:

    1) Your agenda for homework and daily conduct grade.

    2) Class Facebook Page (Ms. Randall's 4th grade class)

    3) Email Sharonda.Randall@houstonisd.org

    4) Set appointment with the teacher during planning time (1:05-1:55) or Afterschool (3:30 - 4:00).

    My planning period is daily from 1:05 to 1:55.  If you would like to schedule a conference you may email me at sharonda.randall@houstonisd.org or call the school at 713-696-2900.

Class Schedule

  • Ms. Randall's Daily Schedule
    Grade 4
    Start Time End Time Activity
    7:30 AM 9:10 Math-Group 1 (Homeroom)
    9:15 9:50 Science-Group 1 (Homeroom)
    9:50 SWITCH class
    9:55 11:31 Math-Group 2
    11:31 12:01 Students/Teacher Lunch
    12:10 1:00 Interventions/P.E.
    1:05 1:55 Planning/Enrichment
    1:55 2:40 Science-Group 2
    2:40 2:50 Dismissal/Exit Routine

Grading Policy

  • Grades are weighted as follows:

    Assessments - 40%

    Classwork - 40%

    Projects - 15%

    Homwork - 5%


    ASSESSMENTS:  HISD TEKs will be our guide to the concepts that will be learned this school year. Assessments are cumulative and will cover previously taught material. Forms of Assessments: I will use a variety of these throughout the school year.

    ~ Written test                          ~Formative and Interims  ~Project Based Learning

    ~ Formal/Informal Writing      ~ Quizzes           

    ~ Performance tasks               ~ Oral reports

    ~ Research Projects                ~ Lab report

Homework Grading Policy

  • 💯 Homework Policy 💯    

    Students will receive homework daily. The student’s homework grade will be the average of the following and will be converted to a grade:

    • Completed Assignment with effort (100%)
    • Completed 1/2 assignment/lack effort (65%)
    • Did not do (You have 1 day to hand it in and earn a 65 or you will get a zero.)
    • Absent. You will have 2 days to hand in for full credit.

    The weekly homework average will be recorded in Grade Speed.

    Homework is checked for completeness.  However, I will periodically grade it for accuracy and record in Grade Speed

Policy on Making up work

  • Late Work: Yes! I will accept late work. All late work will receive a 10% deduction per school day in the final grade. After 10 days (approximately two weeks), the student will earn a zero for the missing assignment.


    Absent Work: Students will be required to complete assignments missed during their absence. The grade will be an incomplete (INC). If absent work is not received by the new due date, the late work policy will apply.

    GradeSpeed: Please take the time to set up a parent’s GradeSpeed account. GradeSpeed is a great tool to assist you in monitoring your child’s grades daily, weekly, monthly, etc….

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

Math Calendar

Science Calendar

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Classroom Rules

  • Setting Limits Discipline Policy

    Classroom Rules

    E - everyone respects each other

    M - make smart choices

    – class room routines and procedures should be followed all the time

    - come prepared & ready to learn



    Basic Student Responsibilities

    ~ Keep track of your own books

    and assignments.

    ~ Start your work on time and allow time to finish.

    ~ Ask for help when you need it.

    ~ Turn your work in on time.

    ~ Accept responsibility for grades and other consequences.

    Consequences for Poor Choices:

    1st  Offense: Verbal Warning (Conduct A)


    2nd Offense: Teacher/Student Conference to discuss & resolve issue. (Conduct C)


    3rd  Offense: Parent, Teacher, and Student Phone Conference (Conduct D)


    4th  Offense: Parent Conference and/or Office Referral (Depending on Offense) (Conduct F