• ATTENTION- If you are interested in running for any of the following postions PLEASE SEE

    MRS. FRANKLIN TODAY 10/11/18 or tomorrow 10/12/18 during lunch.  No applications will be selected after 1:00p.m. on  10/12/18.     


    The Vice President

    The vice president's duties are to assist the President at all times in directing the work of our organization, presiding over meetings in his or her absence, and help to keep all committees working efficiently. The Torch Awards program will be under the direction of the vice president.

    ~Meet with President and Advisor weekly

    ~Torch Awards Program

    Coordinating all Torch Awards Program activities–from encouraging members to participate to making sure the résumés are completed accurately and sent in by the prescribed deadlines.

    ~Attend Fall Leadership Conference

    ~Be willing to be a voting delegate for the state

    ~Help the President out with anything she needs



    The Secretary

    A good secretary contributes much toward the efficiency of a chapter.

    -Meet with Advisor and President weekly

    • Keep a complete and accurate account of proceedings of the chapter’s business meetings and the meetings of officers. Minutes of meetings should include: a. name of organization b. kind of meeting c. place, date, and time d. name of presiding officer e. approximate number present f. all business proceedings g. reports of committees, motions stated, and action taken h. signature of secretary
    • Keep a membership list and record of attendance at meetings.
    • Call meeting to order in absence of the president and vice president, and entertain a motion for a temporary chairman.
    • Count the vote on either side, when a vote is by raising hands or standing, unless tellers have been appointed..
    • Advise the president on matters of business to be taken up or business procedures to be followed.

      Use the following when recording minutes. 

    • Use a uniform heading for reports. Such headings should include: identification of the meeting, date, place, time (usually), and members present (use number if group is large; use individual list if group is small).
    • Use only one side of the paper.
    • Write minutes in third person.
    • Record items in the order they are discussed. Notes can be cut apart and organized under headings later.
    • Record the names of persons making motions. It is not necessary to record names of those seconding motions.
    • Keep the minutes as brief as possible, but include all essential information.
    • Include the minutes in the secretary’s book in the approved form, typed (preferably) or written in longhand. Sign. They then become a permanent chapter record.


     The Historian

    -Meet with Advisor weekly

    -Update BPA website weekly

    The historian's duty is to strive to supply public information. This can be accomplished in part by gathering and submitting all interesting news. All outstanding news should be reported to the historian by the members.

    The historian will provide pictorial and factual information to be kept as permanent records of the chapter’s activities. Suggested duties are:

    • Gather and classify chapter news.
    • Prepare news notes and articles for publication or broadcast.
    • Contact local newspapers, provide them a good photocopy or computer tiff or eps file of the logo, and supply issues of the “advance” news.
    • Assist in maintaining a chapter bulletin board.
    • Take pictues weekly