• All grading policy is in accordance with HISD grading procedures including late work. For addition, information sees the student handbook.




    Grades are assigned based on a rubric which will usually include the criteria below along with the Elements and Principle of Design and the specific criterion (ex-shading, color scheme, and texture:

      • Elements & Principles of Design
      • Effort
      • Craftsmanship/Neatness
      • Following Directions
      • Execution, Creative, Originality & Uniqueness
      • Time & Management
      • Requirements & Depth

    Rubrics – Rubrics give a written description of the requirements and expectations for each project. Each rubric includes points for specific aspects of each unit, points for the time you have spent, the effort you have put in and the craftsmanship you have shown in each project. You are expected to grade yourself and answer any questions using the rubric before you turn in your completed work.

    Effort and Challenge - Your participation and attitude will count in parts of your grade such as critiques and cleanup, but will also affect every project that you create. If you are not trying or expecting much of yourself, you will not achieve what you could. Promptness on written assignments is essential. You need to be prepared for what we are doing in class. I hope to see you challenge yourself—experimenting and practicing are what art people do!

    Growth - Every student begins this course with a different level of skill and experience. Students are expected to improve their skills this semester, no matter what proficiency they begin with. 

    Deadlines - Projects must be completed by the grading period deadlines or you lose points.


    Class work




    Major tests