This class is designed for students who are just starting out and want to learn more, as well as those advanced artists who want to further develop their skills.  Each drawing unit starts with 3-4 class periods of learning and developing a specific skill set with short drawing studies and exercises.  These first few days will help students form an idea and skills for their long-term project of the unit.  For each long-term project, students will have a choice of 2-3 projects that focus on the same concept (line, value, figures, etc.). Also, students will get everything that the Art Department has to offer - from 2D drawings and paintings to 3D clay work and sculptures.

     Discussions and Critiques

    We will have several discussions about art and aesthetics and critiques of class work to help you understand the purpose of art, and how you can improve the effectiveness of your designs. Don’t be scared—these are fun!

     Contour Line Studies
    Students will start Art I by learning about lines and how they are used in every aspect of art.  Students are challenged by not being able to look at their drawings (Blind Contour), not being able to pick up their pencil (Modified Contour), and finally by showing the 3-dimensional form of an object through the line only (Cross Contour).

     1&2 Point Perspective Drawings

    Students will draw their own imaginary street scene using 1&2 point perspective.  The class will follow along with step-by-step instructions on how to establish their horizon line and vanishing points before learning to use a straight edge to draw the building details.

    Students will be able to create portraits from observation in a variety of mediums (including drawing with charcoals, soft pastels, collage, and painting) that show evidence of problem-solving using basic visual arts concepts (including visual composition, color, shape, as well as a mixture of representational and expressive techniques). Students will concurrently develop their use of art to convey meaning and their ability to discuss their art and the art of others.