Students taking this class should be prepared to challenge their digital photography skills based on the ideas and techniques introduced to them during this course.  It is strongly recommended to have access to a digital camera to use for the entire semester, but not required.  (We have some to loan out :)  Some of the themes and techniques we study include:

    • Digital Cameras and Name Scavenger Hunt

    • Composition: (Framing, Angle of View, Color Theory: Cool Colors, Element & Principle: Texture

    • Lighting and Portraiture: (Studio Light Portrait, Natural Light Portrait, Unusual Light Source,

    • Motion: Stop Motion, Panning, Blurred Motion

    • Depth

      of Field, Macro, Abstract

    • Photo Series

    • Wide Angle Photography (Panorama & Fisheye)

    • Filters in Photography

    • Color Adjustments

    • Photomontage

    • Environmental Art