Welcome to the Charlie's Angels and Milby Divas page!

    Angels and Divas

    Our dance team consists of two different teams,

    dancers Charlie's Angels, and colorguard Milby Divas.

    Follow our social media for constant updates, and if need to contact us;

    Email : milbydancedirector@yahoo.com

    Twitter : MilbyDance

    Instagram : MilbyDance

    Youtube : Milby's Dance Teams


Charlie's Angels
  • Charlie's Angels Wishlist

    - Tan Jazz Shoes

    - Toast Tights

    - Garment Bags

    - White Boots

    - Gloves

Milby Divas
  • Milby Divas' Wishlist

    - Tan Jazz Shoes

    - Black Jazz Shoes

    - Toast Tights

    - Silks for flags

    - Long poles for flags

    - Short poles for flags