• On 12/9 the SNHS went on a Field Trip to iFly on I-10. The students attend a STEM class to learn about the physics of Skydiving. During class, the students calculated their invidual, force of drag, their frontal Area, and the air speed Iterminal speed) in the tunnel to help them fly with a constant speed. below are the links to 5 videos (recording of the flights) and group pictures.

    Ms/. Hamdan's Video 

    http://media3.iflyworld.com/flyer.php?id=XMVHV# Dennis Baquedano (SNHS President)

    http://media3.iflyworld.com/flyer.php?id=XMVHV# Jose Barrientos (SNHS Historian)

    http://media3.iflyworld.com/flyer.php?id=XMVHV# Richard Garcia (SNHS Vice-President)

    http://media3.iflyworld.com/flyer.php?id=XMVHV#Deyanira Valdez (SNHS Secretary)

    The SNHS Picture inside the iFly



    SNHS Picture outside the iFly

    Another group picture outside the iFly Building