• Thank you for understanding. Seniors will have opportunity to meet during advocacy and parents will have opportunity to meet after dismissal Monday. Our priority is to gather as much input as possible before moving forward. However, in the meantime, we want each student and parent to consider their choice in case it comes down to it.

     Here is why:

    • We received notice of HCC graduation change on Thursday afternoon.
    • We planned to meet and gather input Friday morning.
    • School was canceled on Friday and all offices closed.
    • Before a change is made, we must consider input from stakeholders and must ensure the change is viable.
    • We cannot meet until Monday and begin taking action until Tuesday morning.
      • Fiesta Texas tickets are flexible as it relates to day it can be redeemed.
        • We secured the last available lunch slot for our students. If we select a new date, there is a chance this accommodation cannot be made and students will be required to spend a considerable amount of time standing in long lines for food INDIVIDUALLY.
        • Memorial Day Weekend is not an ideal weekend to attend Six Flags as it is a peak weekend for the park. This means students will spend considerable amount of time standing in lines for popular rides or spending between $40-$80 to skip lines.
        • Transportation is not secured for a new date and if we meet Monday and select an alternate day, we must ensure transportation for new date can be secured (ti is a busy time for Coach Bus companies)
        • There is a high probability there will be additional costs to consider.
    • It is too risky to cancel plans for Friday if we have not secured  all necessary items for new date first. There is a possibility no other date can be secured. Ultimately, we want to give each student a choice. 
    • Other factors must also be considered.

    Please know it is possible for Fiesta Trip to be rescheduled. However, at this time we do not know if this is viable option because we have not had opportunity to meet. Our seniors deserve the best and we want to make sure we do the best we can to accommodate as many students and parents as possible. In order to reschedule, we must consider additional costs, viable dates that work for all (or almost all seniors), and input from all stakeholders. We must also consider staffing and chaperones since teachers will be administering high school final exams the last two weeks of school. We received a few requests to push for HCC to change the date but we cannot influence this decision. The rescheuled date was set based on other reservations at NRG.