Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Borger

After moving all over the country and world with my military parents I attended Marshall University for Undergraduate work in English Literature, and Graduate work in Education.  I’ve traveled to Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and 42 of the United States! When I grow up I would like to be a professional movie watcher, not a critic. I just want to watch the pictures.

HAIS Distanced Learning

  • Overview -

    Starting 9/20 there will be a lesson posted as an announcement on our course's HUB page every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. The lessons will cover the first/second/third lessons for each week.


    • Date - cycle 1 week 4 day 1 (c1w4d1) = 9/20 or 9/21 depending on A or B day
    • Write Now - Complete the HUB writing assignment for the day.
    • Lesson - There will be a numbered list that goes over everything that can be completed independently at home.
    • Check-in - This will list the work that you will need to complete upon your return to campus. = Tests, quizes, district exams, presentations, etc.
  • Favorites 

    Fast Food - Little Ceasers 

    Hour - 3:00

    Book - Flatland

    Comic - Luther Strode 

    Manga - I Am a Hero

    Ancient Epic Poem - Gilgamesh

    Modern Epic Poem - Zorgamazoo  

    Anime - Gurren Lagann 

    Music - Ska 

    Game - DDR 

    Poem - Otherwise 

    Board Game - Ascension

    Play - Macbeth

    Musical -  Helen on West 82 Street

    Short Story - The Egg

    Shoe - Crocs

    Big Box Store - Costco

    Drink - Water

    Time of Day - Morning 

    Silverware - Spoon

    Podcast - Welcome to Nightvale 

    Website - Timecube

    Day of the Week - Wednesday

     Nail Polish Color - Yellow

    Car - Fiat 500 

    Type of Interiour - Open concept 

    Type or Window - 80s block 

    Breakfast - Cereal 

    80s Film - Better Off Dead

    Power Rangers Theme Song - Lost Galaxy 

    Toy Line - Xevoz