Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Gillespie-Kimbrell

I'm Amanda Gillespie-Kimbrell, and writing is my passion! In 2011, I graduated from Stephen F. Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis on Secondary Education. In 2014, I graduated from UHCL with a Master's in Literature, but I particularly enjoyed my creative writing classes. Here at HAIS, I teach AP Language and Composition, AP Literature, and OneGoal. As a Dual Credit adjunct professor at HCC, I teach English 1301, 1302, 2322, and 2323. My goal is to help my students become involved and active global citizens by helping them to explore the world, recognize perspectives, and effectively communicate their ideas with their own creative voices. Every year, I particularly look forward to National Novel-Writing Month, when I get to work on creative writing projects of my own and see my students' creativity come to life. My interests include creative writing, bike-riding, comics, and music.