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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Psychology B.A. in Creative Writing (English)

Ms. Kris Casperson

During my time at the University of Houston, I relished my (English & Psychology) coursework.

I knew going into college that I loved English, but I really had no idea how cool it would be to choose classes in something that you love! I ended up taking every single English class that was offered, including Advanced Grammar Applications (which was an experience!), and I also discovered my passion for the field of Psychology. My Psych professors were amazing. I love how relevant the field is to us all and how much my understanding of human behavior has changed my worldview. 

After graduating college, I initially went on to become an investigative caseworker for CPS. And, oddly enough, that is where I discovered that I really wanted to be in the classroom. (As a caseworker, I noticed that whenever I spoke with teachers about their students, they were amazing resources of knowledge. They were able to tell me all about what they have noticed in the classroom. Through seeing the rapport that they had with the students, I quickly learned that the teachers were having a far bigger impact on these students' lives than I was as a caseworker.

When I joined Carnegie Vanguard High School in 2007, I was beyond thrilled. Even though we were located in a quirky old building (& former elementary school), it immediately felt like home to me. I was met with a supportive & passionate faculty and staff.

The camraderie at the CVHS campus was (& is) unparalleled. And, I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

I absolutely love teaching Gifted & Talented students because of the unique and wonderful passions that they bring with them to school every day. And, I always love the unexpected turns that discussions can take in the classroom.