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    Win $10,000 in the Back to School Team Challenge 

    Get ready to team up with coworkers, friends and family
    to slim down and win $10,000!
    Houston ISD is partnering with HealthyWage to bring you the $10,000 Back to School Team Challenge, starting September 25! Learn more at

    What to know:

    • Compete team vs. team and district vs. district against school districts across the nation to get healthy and win big.
    • Huge cash prizes for the top team from your district and for the top team in the challenge.
    • Teams of 5 can be coworkers, friends and/or family members. Each team must have at least one employee.

    Don’t have a team? No problem. HealthyWage will match you up with one!

    • Enjoy fun and interactive mini-challenges like “Smart Swap” and “Get Active” to collect achievement ribbons and earn cash prizes!
    • Registration is $25; however, you will earn back your registration fee by achieving an individual weight loss of 10% or more in 9 months!
    • Not looking to lose weight but want to participate? Register as a team cheerleader for free and support your five teammates (limit one cheerleader per team). If you’re on a winning team, you’ll win an equal share of the cash prize!
    • SIGN UP online or on HealthyWage’s mobile app.


    • $10,000 for first place
    • $1,500 for the top team from each district (must have at least 50 participants; $10,000 winning district excluded).
    • Plus, MORE cash prizes for collecting achievement ribbons!

    The challenge starts on Sept. 25, 2020, and ends Dec. 18, 2020.

    Questions? Contact HealthyWage at or 888-636-3832.
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