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    Barnham:  Fire Drill went well. Rodriguez supporting Wolff-Romero with college access topics, seniors were registered for SAT. Marquina, students completed the summer reading projects. Diaz, smooth transition to beginning of the year over all great year.  Estrada, good transition to first week. College courses covered went well.


    Wolff-Romero and Rodriguez to support with Senior College Access.

    Announcements and News

    SOAR kick on Saturday, September 7th. Barham get application from Saenz permission slip and fee for $15.00. Transportation will be provided. 

    Open House is Friday, September 13th. Parent University on Tuesday, September 17th, 9th grade information seminar.


    Herrera on details for SOAR.


    What do you want your students to learn?

    Diaz: Focus on molecules, identify structure of molecules. Biochemistry. Vocabulary list on Vocabulary.com.  Diaz and Marquina to collaborate on roos and prefix. Estrada solving writing equations new protocol; mad-libs.  Prepositions, suggestion from Barham for sheltered instruction. Marquina recommended to use parts of speech to be incorporated.  Imagine Math to be utilized for BOY and provided feedback to the students. Nitsch-Richards in social studies analyzing maps and types of map.   Marquina; elements of mythology and fables in ELA. Level of support with vocabulary, News ELA for reading in content areas. Barham; study of basic of engineering pathways; student are engaged in research and final product.  Guiding question posted for students during research. 


    How do you know when they learn it?

    Review of Confidential Information in regards to student needs and accommodations.

     Review Confidential Information

    Cheer for AP Human Geography professor Nitsch-Richards



    Follow up:  No Red Ink. 

    Being purchased.


    Follow up: Barham to invite special guest to classroom to discuss careers.


    What do you do when they don't learn it?

    Rodriguez to invite Marquina as the teacher representative during meetings.  What do you notice? Teacher discussion on level of support being offered for struggling students thus far. Marquina to demonstrate for the students how to use apps for translations.


    Microsoft Translator. 


    Follow up:  Rodriguez to provide a copy of IEP for student. Rodriguez to speak to the Diagnostician at next week.


    Orozco:  Move students to 7th period AP

    Maximus, Jorge to smaller classes. 


    Rodriguez and Orozco to set up a meeting with parents to discuss, tutorial session, what specific interventions will be provided, strategies for the parent can support with at home.

    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    9th Grade Sponsor roles and responsibilities: Fundraising over the course of the year.  Parent Support for events. 9th graders selling at fall festival, freshman dance. 


    Dean Orozco.

    Attendance Matters

    J. Garza. Estrada set expectations for students to email professors when they plan to be absent.  A. Valdez, has been dropped. A. Martinez has been absent for 3 days.


    Giron to contact parent of:

    J Garza

    A Martinez


    Laptops for all 9th graders.




    National Suicide prevention month. Everfi lessons have been updated. Teachers must create a class roster on the

    The 15th clubs begins.  Hispanic Heritage month suggestions to be sent to Rodriguez.  Mental Health Day logistics to be shared via email, event is on Early Dismissal September, 27th.


    Early Dismissal conflict.

    AVID grading

    Misc: Upcoming Events

    SOAR Friday, Sept. 7th

    Mental Health Day

    Early Dismissal



    District level assessments:

      • September window for R360.
      • BOY's for all content



    Next Week Agenda Items to include:

    Tutorial Offering:

    AVID grading system and developing a rubric and also what specific grades will be taken each week. Look for in AVID binder check, tutoring log etc.

    R360 testing

    District Level Assessments specifics


     Rodriguez, Orozco, and Marquina to meet and discuss grading options and non-negotiables

    Leads and Administrator

    9th: Marquina / Orozco

    10th: Vining / Orozco

    11th/12th: Buso / Speier

    Math: Park / Square

    Science: Saenz / Speier

    SS: Nitsch-Richards /Speier

    ELA:  Wolff Romero / Orozco

    CTE: Seymour / West

    Electives: Pham / West