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    Icebreaker:  Three words that describe your week thus far? Celebration of the dynamics of the 9th grade students.  SOAR competition this weekend went well. 



    Announcements and News

    Approximately 20 students participated. SOAR club meeting on Monday, September 9th.




    Marquina: share out of best practices in SIOP

    Essential Questions: What do you want your students to learn?  How do you know when they learn it?

    English I: Fable and Folklore, characterization and character traits.  Cold read, and be able to describe characters.  BOY in English for  Barham: math intensive upcoming lesson.  Fractions background and support from Algebra 1.  Estrada plans to support with solving equation and forming background knowledge from 8th grade algebra.  Solving for X.  Diaz:  chemistry components, comparing structures and fractions.  Final product is discussions and research based.  Algebra I:  analyze of different words, writing inequalities, literal equations  solving for variables that tie into physics.  Next Steps: Imagine Math to use as feedback. Use the R360 to analyze data for intervention purposes.  Nitsch-Richards:  vocabulary intense lesson with guided notes individually.  Reading Strategy that can be incorporated into social studies. Mini lesson to be modeled with social studies reading text.  





    Essential Question: What do you do when they don't learn it? English I:  Intervention provided to the ELA students, provided the student with Spanish reading text to make sure the student was able to develop the skill in home language to strengthen second language.


    Accommodations for students were distributed to all the 9th grade team for review.



    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    Remind for grade level communications.  Principal approval is required when sending messages to more than 100 students.  Principal reminders:  students must be monitored at all times, direct the students to have lunch in the cafeteria with peers and then meet with teachers based on teacher availability.



    Attendance Matters

    For teachers:  Input detailed information about the expectations for the substitute. 

    For students: Remind the students to submit an absence to main office upon returning to campus. 




    Social Worker is available for individual meetings with students this week.  Remind the student that open door policy during both lunches and AVID.




    Grades for AVID:


    Grades taken this week for AVID:

    • Daily grade for each topic
    • Completion of 4 was a major grade


    Streamline grading procedures:

    Discussion of the Learning Logs and AVID Grade Check protocols to support with collection of evidence, participation grades and final products that hold students accountable for task.


    Grade checks on Tuesdays.  Learning Logs on Thursdays.


    Next Steps:

    Development of Menu Boards as choice for demonstration of learning outcomes from the week.  Naming conventions for the grades.  Social and Emotional Sanford Harmony and Restorative Circles.

    <<I.1.1 Learning Log Variations.pdf>>


    <<I.1.13 AVID Grade Check.pdf>>


     Everfi lessons are intended to last a week. Allow student to complete by Friday, Sept. 13th. 

     Time allocated to review the Everfi and Ignition platforms being used in AVID

    Misc: Upcoming Events

        • Potential Open Lab for EECHS teachers
        • Formal Appraisal System Begins: September 16th
        • Teacher Submits IPDP to appraiser by September 20th


    <<IPDP Writing Guide .pdf>>



    Next Week Agenda Items to include:




    Leads and Administrators:

    9th: Marquina / Orozco

    10th: Vining / Orozco

    11th/12th: Buso / Speier

    Math: Park / Square

    Science: Saenz / Speier

    SS: Nitsch-Richards /Speier

    ELA:  Wolff Romero / Orozco

    CTE: Seymour / West

    Electives: Pham / West