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    Huggins:  The 10th graders are sweethearts.  Discussions are good natured and come back to attentions.  Changes in practice that might contribute; reminder to stop and gives think time, switch track or stop and discuss every 15 minutes throughout the lesson.  Betancourt; first congratulate for administration for efficiency of running the 1st grade, second all safety contracts signed, last 10th graders are excellent.  Rai:  excellent students adjusting well for geometry, sets protocol and procedures. Islam:  first year at EECHS, the first week activities included some strategies that were presented at pre-service.  Incorporated digital presentation of self in the google classroom.  Has learned a lot from students background.  Classroom management has taken a priority in the classroom.  Setting expectations on class rules and expectations.  Rodriguez, getting to know seniors during last week while covering college classes and SAT prep.  She will be supporting college access and college coordination.



    Announcements and News

    Soccer meeting this after to discuss pre-season practice, tryouts and parent informative session.

    Fundraiser for 11th graders make up car-wash.

    October yard sale as 11th grade fundraiser.


    Follow up: 9th and 10th  grade sponsor.


    Elections for 9th and 11th


    What do you want your students to learn?

    Islam: Academic structure, atomic structure and electricity flows, currents voltage.  Have done math problems that students are able to solve. Measurement in math content, chemistry integrated and physics.  Betancourt:  Are students building circuits, safety contracts.  Huggins has shared contact log for the students so that each student has a specific place in the binders.  Including the course syllabus etc.  Sample of use of syllabus for students to sign as an accountability and checkpoint.  Islam:  All components goes into the google classroom, parents are able to view on webpage.  Rai: Introduction to geometry and review SAT during club.  October 5th starts morning, afternoon and Saturday tutorial sessions.  Analyze the date and develop a plan for November testing.  Betancourt: Separate of mixtures and properties of matter, first lab, finished first on track assessments.  Review sentence structure, APA format due to recommendation of AP Seminar, also aligned to college standards.  Starting early to ensure students are prepared for college level essays.  Visiting websites as a class for resources to be used.  Collaboration continues with all core content teachers.


    How do you know when they learn it?


    Follow up: Orozco to do call out to inform parents of teacher websites.


    Chemistry 11th grader.


    What do you do when they don't learn it?

    Tutorial Logs to be presented to all students through ELA.  For next week have a defined plan for tutorials.  Sign up on One Note for Saturday tutorials.


    Rodriguez to provide a IEP report.  Vining to be invited for 504 meetings for 10th graders


    Huggins: During AVID classes she has supported college scholarship opportunities.  Needs support with upcoming dates that she can get them signed up for.  SAT allows for 4 additional waivers for the students.  ACT scores tend to do better. 



    Rodriguez speak to Wolff-Romero to sign up for ACT/ACT checklist for the seniors

    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    Dress code  in the lab.  Shorts, skirts, sandals or open shoes not allowed.  Communicate with the parents as reminders when infractions occur.  Alternative lesson for those students who are out of compliance due to safety hazard.



    Attendance Matters

    Bus concerns arriving late.


    Follow up: West on bus routes.


    Laptops waivers to ensure 100% students have laptops. 3 students have sponsorship for laptop.  Rodriguez:  request email of name if applicable. They still need to have laptop agreement forms.




    Rodriguez: AVID updates are embedded to the AVID tab on One Note. Everfi lessons are posted for teachers to review.  Clubs begin September 16th.  Mental Health basis.  September 15 starts Hispanic Heritage Month.


    Early Dismissal conflict.

    AVID grading

    Misc: Upcoming Events

    Review the EECHS calendar of events.



    District level assessments:




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    Tutorial Log

    Update of 100 laptops

    AVID Lessons



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    10th Grade Tutorials

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    Geometry: EVERYDAY7-7:55 M-F 3:30-4:30 M-F &SATURDAY OPTIONAL /AS NEEDED


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