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    Open House event was a success.  Islam had made phone calls with parents prior to open house, the connections with families was extremely productive.  BEST Robotics solution seeking by the students and trouble shooting. 10th graders completed the first report under the new format, students did well.  100% of students are passing Geometry. Approximately 96 families attended open house.



    Announcements and News

    10th grade field trip to UHV, waiting on recruiter to confirm date for Fall.  Red Ribbon week approaching.  School calendar has the daily theme.  10th Grade has specific color=Gray


    Wolff-Romero ask for a Friday


    Essential Question: What do you want your students to learn? Chemistry, scientific notation, experimental, significant figures. Geometry, conditional statements and bi-conditional statements, hypothesis. ACDD, OHMS LAW, power efficiency and energy also review for first 3 week concepts.  AP World, empires, annotation, innovations, political systems, opportunities for students to present on topics.  Middle east, romans, Greeks, Mayans etc. 

    How do you know when they learn it?


    Review of Data: R360

    Predictions:  110 READING


    What data states?


    Next Steps:


    I predict the students had a lot of room for improvement.  They are writing information after reading without comprehension.  Students with word problem solution.  Scientific writing and reading struggles.  Solving problems difficulty with terms and vocabulary.  Finding context clues. 

    Attempts and desire to improve the reading and writing skills.  The students feel comfortable in asking for clarification.  Use of technology as a google doc to review peer reading and writing process.  They try to collaborate as a group to identify issues.  Note taking, practice with cornel notes and other writing of reading.

    46% are above benchmark for reading.  7% are in urgent intervention.   31 students need interventions at some level.  The intervention and urgent intervention.  The students on urgent intervention tend to be struggling in classroom setting.  Wonders: Patterns in reading comprehension in previous assessments or TSI.

    I wonder how many of these students completed the reading over the summer.  59% are in AP social studies courses.  Seriousness of assessment for a few students is questionable.  Discussion of the importance of the exam. 

    Step by Step how to make sense of information.  Professors have meet with students one on one to support learning concepts.  At times extend the time aides in think time.  Support student with Khan academy.  Conference with the students, remind of Saturday tutorial offering and afterschool.  Club intervention offerings.  

    Predictions MATH


    What data states?

    How ?

    Next Steps:














    Rai to test all the student  this week


    Essential Question: What do you do when they don't learn it?

    At TIER I teachers are committed to use technology, cornels or note taking, visuals such as power points.  TIER II commitments, parent meeting for grade check, small group instruction and support with vocabulary wall.




    Reading Intervention Pyramid

    Math Intervention Pyramid






    <<Classroom Tutorial Log.doc>>



    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals


    Behavior Intervention Pyramid





    Attendance Matters

    Bus transportation concern with students arriving tardy. 




    List of Pre-One Goal students that would need additional support with College Readiness.  Recommendation of at least 25 10th graders.  Using data from R360 BOY and MOY to select students.


    Revisit in January 2020


    Transitioning to restorative circles for the upcoming AVID lessons.  AVID lesson include a study topic, teachers make sure to get the students to use the AVID grade check and grade speed.   Circle based on gratitude using a token during restorative circle in AVID class.  Planners must be distributed to all the students during AVID class this week.  Grade level committed to use the planners to support with organization strategies.  Reminder that every Tuesday the students conduct a grade check.


    Huggins and Betancourt will be collaborating on AVID Binder for all 10th graders

    Misc: Upcoming Events

    Parent University might be rescheduled due to weather

    PSAT October testing  for 10th, 11th



    Next Week Agenda Items to include:

    Follow up on parent intervention with school messenger first then individual calls and emails.



    Leads and Administrators:

    9th: Marquina / Orozco

    10th: Vining / Orozco

    11th/12th: Buso / Speier

    Math: Park / Square

    Science: Saenz / Speier

    SS: Nitsch-Richards /Speier

    ELA:  Huggins / Orozco

    CTE: Seymour / West

    Electives: Pham / West