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    Successful open house.  Debate Presidential watch allowed the students to gather political awareness. Parents are open to support, they are actively engaged in students learning process.



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    9th grade campus tour University of St. Thomas or Texas A&M Galveston for the Fall.  Spring campus tour Tiger Day to TSU.




    Essential Question: What do you want your students to learn? How do you know when they learn it?

    English I characterization and figurative language. Algebra 1 into to functions, word problems, dependent and dependent variables.  Bio introduction to cells, cell transport. AP Human Geo, environmental factors and how it affects surroundings.


    Review of Data: R360

    Predictions:  READING 112


    What data states?


    Next Steps:

    Specific group of students struggled below reading level. Vocabulary difficulty could have affected performance.

    Making connections in regards to vocabulary terms such as pre-fix, root words that they could have associated terms with.   Understanding of procedures, annotations when reading to support with reading comprehension.

    45% are on level.  55% are below. Marquina reflection  large percentage of EL's that need support in literature. 

    Some of the students that performed below grade level were unexpected.  Research demonstrated that if the student is strong in native language second language acquisition and comprehension increases.

    Dialogue of urgent intervention reading level. Vocabulary in the BOY, and structure of the exam was new to students. Lexile determines vocabulary and content. 

    Reading strategies

    Interventions specific to students who have accommodations.  Prompt, background information, increase discourse from urgent intervention.  One on one conferences. Concreate examples, visuals, modeling, introduction of vocabulary. Engage student in practice vocabulary with context clues.

    Predictions MATH 50


    What data states?


    Next Steps:

    Overall students performed well.  Struggling learners can make improvement with small group intervention.  Correlation of reading comprehension with understanding the question asks.

    The majority have the potential to master algebra 1.  Exposed to vocabulary in 8th grade math. 

    75% are on or above grade level.  1 student on urgent intervention also has struggles with reading.  I wonder if the word problems were taken or removed would the students perform at a higher standard.

    Provide review in home practices.  Strategies to use with calculator and paper to pencil strategies to help get to the final answer.  Discussion of individual student performance.

    Additional online practice to spiral in reviews.  The online platforms has the potential to give immediate feedback.  Imagine Math on HISD digital resources.






    <<BOY-Reading 2019-2020.pdf>>





    Essential Question: What do you do when they don't learn it?


    Reading Intervention Pyramid

    Math Intervention Pyramid







    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals





    Attendance Matters

     Rodriguez to follow up on students who are often late or absent.




    Monitor the students' progress.  The data driven dialogue protocol can be used during one on one conferencing with students.




    Transitioning to restorative circles during AVID.  Square to upload the AVID lesson plans to the teacher platform on One note.  Grade check is this week using AVID grade check form and Grade Speed.



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    Leads and Administrators:

    9th: Marquina / Orozco

    10th: Vining / Orozco

    11th/12th: Buso / Speier

    Math: Park / Square

    Science: Saenz / Speier

    SS: Nitsch-Richards /Speier

    ELA:  Wolff Romero / Orozco

    CTE: Seymour / West

    Electives: Pham / West