• Dear Teachers, 

    In HISD, 119 campuses were randomly selected to participate in an international study on social and emotional skills. Ten countries around the world were selected for the study, and HISD is the only district participating from the United States. The study is sponsored by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Across all sites, students who are 10-11 years old or 15-16 years old are randomly selected to take the survey. To gain multiple perspectives on each sampled student’s social and emotional skills, as well as on the student’s home and school context, principals, parents, and teachers who know the school and the students well are also asked to complete questionnaires. All survey responses are strictly confidential. 

    If you have been identified as a teacher who knows a sampled student well enough to complete a 10-minute survey on his/her social and emotional skills, you will have until December 13, 2019 to complete the surveys on those students. You will receive an email from HISD with your OECD survey login information during the week of October 14. 

    Information from this survey will help HISD improve student learning and well-being by understanding what helps build social and emotional skills, which are critical for student success and contribute to many positive life outcomes. 

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  


thank you