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    Saenz - Venthood has been repainted and no more smoke smell!

    Lau - 9th Graders in Alg2 are doing very well.

    Seymour - No fires lol!! Students seem more well behaved than previously characterized. Dr. Seymour will continue to use Google Classroom to support efforts.

    Bolden - Students very flexible with college classes and schedule changes.

    Park - Classes and routines are established and have been practicing.

    Buso - 1Goal students are competitive and excited to get scholarships and apply for schools.

    Orozco - Working on schedules. Most important part is being able to sit with students and discuss options and rebond with students she has served since she began at EECHS.



    Announcements and News

    SOAR Club

    • 1st meeting last week. Applications are still rolling in.
    • This Saturday is BEST Robotics Kick-off. Final game day is October 19th.
    • Juniors should know importance of joining and expectation of participation.
    • If have STEM career in mind, they must have STEM extra-curriculars on resume.


    • Algebra 2 UH competition. Will be helpful for students looking to score better on SAT.
    • Competition in February
    • Need 6 male and 6 female students
    • Student profile: Students with TEKS mastery.





    What do you want your students to learn?

    Topics this week:

    • Park
      • Stats - Sampling Design to eliminate bias
        • Perhaps Saenz and Seymour can support and collaborate.
      • Calculus - Limit concept
        • Algebraically
        • Graphically
        • In a table
      • Pre-Cal - Understanding Angles
    • Lau
      • Alg 2 - graphs of all parent functions
        • Structure.
        • Using to solve equations.
      • Pre-assessment data - How did that go?
        • Not great, but gives insight to common deficiencies.
    • Buso
      • Gave general economics BOY.
      • Students did fairly well considering they haven't taken the class.



    How do you know when they learn it?

    Lau and Park spiraling mini lessons throughout the week. Suggestions offered on grouping heterogeneous groupings.  Setting up on workstations as a method to differentiate instruction.


     Khan Academy is piloting SAT and AP courses at EECHS

     Training calendar to be determined


    What do you do when they don't learn it?

    How do you know what they learned that you might not have asked them about?


    Lau-utilizing Pearson to analyze student progress as a way to conduct interventions. Dr. Seymour using teacher made  quiz on google classroom.   Mr. Speier to support with On Track.


     Goal for the GT indicator is to increase

     Send email to Speier with recommendation for GT testing

    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    Avoid referrals by working with the students to identify the concern.  Communicated with the parents, taken specific measures to change the behavior.  Discuss matter in a confidential manner. Admin is committed to support with building a positive rapport between the parents, students, and teacher.



    Attendance Matters





    Recommendation protocol.

    Free SAT Prep course with Precinct 2 County Commissioner. Rodriguez will be stopping by AVID classes to promote.




    Rodriguez: AVID updates are embedded to the AVID tab on One Note. Everfi lessons are posted for teachers to review.  Clubs begin September 16th.  Mental Health basis.  September 15 starts Hispanic Heritage Month.


    Laptop waivers recommendations, 2 students.


    Integration of sentence stems and guiding question that align to long term goals.  Students need support with developing a plan of action in terms of graduation, college recruitment, expenses associated with in


     Rodriguez can be emailed to come by and support with AVID lessons for the week.

     Contact Rodriguez about conversations, guiding question during Suicide Prevention Month

    Misc: Upcoming Events

    SOAR Friday, Sept. 7th

    Mental Health Day

    Early Dismissal

    Parent University

    Open House-Friday, September 13th



    Next Week Agenda Items to include:

    Tutorial Logs for the week.






    Algebra II: