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    Buso: One Goal projects knocked it out of the park, SOAR Saenz: Best robotic competition kick off last Saturday went well. Lau: attendance rate up. Rodriguez: Recognized SOAR achievements.



    Announcements and News

    Speier: A4E attendance system tracking tardy students, identifying them early. Buso: Grade level parent contact logs from 2017 - 2018 sophomores shared with juniors. Buso has custody of records. Rodriguez: reminders of parent university and open house. Spierer: follow up with West on door labels. Buso: A&M College of Engineering recruiter to visit campus. Get STEM students involved in visit.




    What do you want your students to learn? Strategies were shared. Speier: literacy strategies Seymour: Prompting inquiry. All: PBL Saenz: Group Work Speier: Team theory 

    How do you know when they learn it? Increase student engagement.



    Next week, focus on group work during PLC time.


    What do you do when they don't learn it?



    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    Gabriel Arredondo - Buso




    Attendance Matters





    Rodriguez: Available during 9/11 lesson if students need to see her. Restorative circles resources provided.




    Grades for AVID:


    Grades taken this week for AVID:

    • Daily grade for each topic
    • Completion of 4 was a major grade


    Streamline grading procedures:

    Discussion of the Learning Logs and AVID Grade Check protocols to support with collection of evidence, participation grades and final products that hold students accountable for task.


    Grade checks on Tuesdays.  Learning Logs on Thursdays.


    Next Steps:

    Development of Menu Boards as choice for demonstration of learning outcomes from the week.  Naming conventions for the grades.  Social and Emotional Sanford Harmony and Restorative Circles.

    <<I.1.1 Learning Log Variations.pdf>>


    <<I.1.13 AVID Grade Check.pdf>>



    Misc.: Upcoming Events

      • Formal Appraisal System Begins: September 16th
      • Teacher Submits IPDP to appraiser by September 20th

    <<IPDP Writing Guide .pdf>>



    Next Week Agenda Items to include:

    Group work methods, best practices.