• Celebrations/Recognitions

    Speier recognized Ms. Square's leadership over the last week.


    Announcements and News

    Class rankings released. Senior photos moved (350 F Fraga). IPDP deadline reminder.


    What do you want your students to learn? Speier/Saenz shared student grouping methods. Randomized groupings, good results.

    How do you know when they learn it?


    What do you do when they don't learn it?

    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    Seymour: highlighted good student behaviors

    Attendance Matters

    Widespread 1st period tardy issues.


    Ms. Rodriguez/Mr. Square check up on faculty and students wellbeing over last week.



    Misc: Upcoming Events

    Golf Club will begin practicing next week

    Next Week Agenda Items to include:

    Open discussion for practices on  group work. "How can we be intentional with our group work." Provide examples.