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    Debate students did well at last comp.

    Class rankings out



    Announcements and News

    Staff meeting Thursday 10/8. 10/11 Senior photo day. Saturday tutorials beginning, breakfast provided for students and teachers. Extra duty pay for teachers attending. FAFSA night, Thursday


    See video: 60 Second-Strategy: Cooperative Learning Roles


    See article: Group work that works

    Video: Give each person in the group a specific job makes the group work process flow. Meaningful work is a must. Hit the higher order thinking skills with group work.


    Faculty asked to post group work methods that are effective here.


    Rodriguez to provide RTI cheat sheets for level 2 interventions at next meeting.

    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    Speier creating "point system" to reward good behavior in students.

    Attendance Matters

    Attendance probation contract for students with 3 or more absences.




    Update: continue to have students work on missing assignments. Thursday - Grade check. Avid lessons for CY2 in process of approval. Will be ready for new gr

    Misc: Upcoming Events

    Staff meeting Thursday 10/10