• Agenda:

    Meeting Notes


    Speier recognizes senior class for SAT prep. Very mature in their responses.

    Saenez - Recognized Barham, Islam, Square for assistance for Fluid Power S.O.A.R.

    Rodriguez - FAFSA night success. Community partners and students came through for event.


    Announcements and News

    Staff meeting at 3:40 in Vinning's Room. SAT Wednesday (10/16) Wolf Romero, Estrada, Lau, Rai, test proctors. Seniors can opt out with 480 reading and 530 in math. 

    October 30, PSAT for 9, 10, 11. Seniors will follow college schedule on PSAT day. Thursday, Lassiter, Alley Theater. Juniors, LSU Friday.


    Speier, recommended having some form of accountability for assigning random groups. Seymour recommended using grade speed for creating random groups for group work. Discussion Board use suggestions from instructional technology rep and Speier.

    Opportunities for collaboration across subjects discussed. Will attempt to coordinated Khan Academy SAT math review with One Goal. Lau and Seymour are opening to coordinating.

    Seymour inquired about roof access for physics experiments.


    Saenz, 4th period. Sine Cosine issues, trig functions and negative number issues with 4th period. Park & Saenz want to align the curriculum in their classes. 

    Pullout/Saturday tutorial options discussed for 10th graders.

    Cross curriculum assessments on OnTrack discussed for next semester or year to avoid this problem in the future.

    Need for 9th and 10th grade interventions universally agreed upon.

    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals


    Attendance Matters



    Rodriguez gave update of students with S/E issues