• Celebrations/Recognitions

    Saenz - EECHS works with HAIS Robotics to build their robot. HAIS got 4th place in competition.


    Also working with main feeder school for fluid robotics challenge.




    Announcements and News

    165 students targeted for AP Spanish Exam. Instructions outbound.

    Staff meeting 11/12 after school. More details about AP exam to be given out then.

    FAFSA Night 11/13 4:30-6:30. Inform seniors.


    PARK: Linear regression model

    AP Cal, Implicant differentiation

    PRE CAL: Trig functions

    Saenz: Principles of technology: Vectors, sohcahtoa

    Lau: Quadratic functions

    Buso: Economic Systems, Career investigations (OG)


    Collect data on students in need of intervention/Level 2 RTI. Identify students in need of intervention for next meeting

    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals


    Attendance Matters

    Tardy issues


    Multiple parent/student conferences referred for mental health issues to Rodriguez.


    Training on security smart phone app for students/staff

    Misc: Upcoming Events

    Staff meeting, GRADES DUE TOMORROW, FAFSA night 11/12, Volleyball 11/14, Magnet tour Thursday, report cards out on Friday, 11/15 senior Audit day, EE Idol, Basketball Game Friday. AP Saturday 11/16 (push AP students to attend, first of 4), HUDL debate @ HAIS 11/16,

    Water Power event 11/16, Food Bank 11/19, magnet tours 11/21, senior breakfast and photos 11/15, Open enrollment ends 11/22