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    Fall Festival- great turnout, students had fun, we were able to raise a good amount of funds for clubs.

    Students arriving to class on time.



    Announcements and News





    Essential Question: What do you want your students to learn?

    How do you know when they learn it?




    Essential Question: What do you do when they don't learn it?


    Continue to document interventions and accommodations. Also document behavior (not punitive) and triggers to track student success.


    Student conferences next week. Parent phone calls need to be made this week.


    Focus on students who have failing semester averages.



    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    Making sure we monitor hallways and keep students moving to their classes rather than congregating and causing jams in the halls.

    Revisit class expectations.



    Attendance Matters

    Students are doing a good job of arriving to class on time.











    Misc: Upcoming Events




    Next Week Agenda Items to include:

    Second cycle and semester failure report.







    Leads and Administrators:

    9th: Marquina / Orozco

    10th: Vining / Orozco

    11th/12th: Buso / Speier

    Math: Park / Square

    Science: Saenz / Speier

    SS: Nitsch-Richards /Speier

    ELA:  Huggins / Orozco

    CTE: Seymour / West

    Electives: Pham / West