• PVAMU/Blinn STEAM Grant Trip


    The Capital One STEAM grant made it possible for 132 students from Wheatley, Worthing, Kashmere, North Forest, and Booker T. Washington to visit PVAMU on Monday, December 2 and Tuesday, December 3. Students engaged in a PV scavenger hunt, received admissions/application information, and went on a campus tour. Dr. Dennis Daniels, Director of the Undergraduate Medical Academy and Dr. Dena Noel-Barrs, Assistant Director of Academic Advising Services in the College of Nursing hosted HISD students for the STEAM portion of their visit. Students from Kashmere, Booker T. Washington, and North Forest were able to speak with Nursing and the Undergraduate Medical Academy. Students from Worthing and Wheatley were able to hear from the Undergraduate Medical Academy. This trip was unique in that seniors, juniors, and sophomores received information related to postsecondary endeavors in a joint setting.