• Your request MUST be submitted within the first 10 days of the Fall or Spring Semester. No change can be made after the first 15 days of each semester per the HISD Guidelines. Complete the form found on the HUB.

    1. You have received SUMMER SCHOOL CREDIT

    2. You are in the WRONG CLASS bases on your 4 Year Plan

    3. You are in the WRONG CLASS LEVEL

    4. You need to drop AP/Pre-AP class DUE TO HEAVY COURSE LOAD

    (Once you get out of that class, you will not be able to go back if you change your mind to go back to that AP/Pre-AP class)

    Also keep in mind that your schedule will shift, and you may not have the same teachers and class periods as your original schedule.
    *Request to move to another class period or another instructor will not be honored.
    If you are requesting to move to Pre-Ap from a Magnet course, you must have at least a 75 per cycle and the final exam to be considered.