• Level Changes for Spring Semester

    (Example- A student wants to drop Pre-AP Algebra 2 and add College Prep Algebra 2.)

    If a student is recommended to move up a level, parent, teacher, and counselor approval is required. The level change window is: 2/1/2021-3/12/2021. Click here to access our Level Change Form.


    Course Changes

    There are very limited options for course changes in the spring semester. Approval to join a different course is based on space availability and priority. Course change requests can be submitted during the first 15 days of the spring semester.

    The final day to submit a course change for the 2nd semester is: 2/19/2021. Click here to access our Course Change Form. 


    All schedule changes must be written on the schedule change or level change form and submitted to your Counselor electronically. Counselors cannot honor teacher or period change requests.