• The purpose of Behavior Supports and Interventions within the Office of Special Populations is to promote positive behavior and foster a culture of respect among students and staff.  The goal is to systematically teach desired behaviors and provide immediate and on-going interventions for students with behavior needs.  

    Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is the framework that guides this work.  Within this framework, the department supports the explicit teaching of behavior expectations and the implementation of evidence-based interventions to positively impact students’ academic and behavior success.  Our strategic priority is to improve school conditions for student learning to create a healthy, and safe school environment.

    We believe that polices about discipline can become core competencies of school systems.  Schools practicing PBIS know that students often need specific support in reading, math, and other academic subjects. Students may also need specific support in managing their behaviors.  Our aim is to teach pro-social behaviors as effectively and efficiently as we teach academics.

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Behavior Supports and Interventions
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Director, Behavior Supports and Interventions
Joan H. Anderson, Ed.D.
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IAT Manager, Behavior Supports and Interventions
Novelyn Watson- Robinson
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