Benefits Spotlight

  • Staying healthy while staying at home

    Whether you are working from home, homeschooling your children or tackling overdue projects, don’t forget to take care of yourself physically and mentally during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here and in our Wellness Corner, we will be posting ideas for staying healthy, including fitness classes, recipes, meditation apps. and much more.

    Help us celebrate and raise awareness for diversity, inclusiveness and wellbeing during National Pride Month. Join our Show Your Pride Challenge with access to Wellbeats until July 31st! Classes featured in the 5-week challenge all begin with the letters LGBTQIA and PRIDE - designed to boost our PRIDE! The diversity of classes showcase fitness, nutrition and mindfulness for all ages, genders and ability levels.

      Full access to the Wellbeats app provides you with:
    • 800+ workouts, including Yoga, Strength Training, Cycling, Pilates, Recovery, Dance, and more!
    • Goal based challenges and fitness assessments
    • Tutorial & beginner level classes
    • Recommended workouts based on your goals

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    HISD PRIDE CHALLENGE WITH WELLBEATS APP. use code: f464ffd5. More on this flyer.