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    Speier: All seniors on track to graduate!

    Buso: Estrada will be helping out with Buso 6th and 7th period class for SAT review.

    Rodriguez: Basketball Team #2

    Speier: 74% students utilizing Khan Academy. Minutes per student in December 93 minutes. Keep it up during testing season!



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    Reviewing security procedures after recent events. Emergency procedures during passing periods will be revised. Roles and responsibilities to be updated. Security camera audit and gates will be fixed. Will coordinate with H.C.C. PD.




    Park: PRECAL: Trig functions, Next week Polar Functions AP CAL; Anti derivate, SUM AP STAT: Random variables and probability model

    Lau: Complete a perfect square, next week exponential functions

    Seymour: Circular motion (Physics B),

    Buso: ECON Investing Next week: insurance, home buying, moving out One Goal, FAFSA Next week: Choosing colleges

    Speier: Apply lessons and reach for the higher points on Bloom's




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    Mental Health Day on Feb 14, teachers will have 3 lessons (45 minutes) on self-care strategies. Self-care sessions bookended by AVID classes.




    Master AVID Google Classroom lessons have been posted. Watch for new AVID lessons.



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    Next Week Agenda Items to include:

    Digital methods for communicating deadlines.