• Agenda:

    Meeting Notes


    Mr. Leal had his baby over the break. UH Game room turnout for attendance incentive was good.


    Announcements and News

    Staff meeting today in Vinning's room. HCC exams next week. Schedule will be heavily modified. East Early week after. Principal approval needed for students to take exams early.


    Seymour - Energy and momentum. Buso - FED policy and GDP. Lau- Complex numbers.



    Identify students by tomorrow who we have  serious concerns about.

    Behavior: Roundtable/Proposals

    Restroom proposal: Painting contest

    Attendance Matters

    .2% increase in attendance rate.


    Focus ON SEL in AVID curriculum.



    Misc: Upcoming Events

    Networking meeting for potential future admin (ASHA). TSA trip Thursday/Friday Sophomores UH Victoria Friday Senior trip HBU Friday.