• COVID-19 Community Update #1


    The new challenge of the Coronavirus has brought us into uncharted territory. But as we have done in the past, we will stand strong together. Ensuring Lanier Middle School continues to operate smoothly, in particular supporting our students’ learning and meeting their social and emotional needs, is at the forefront of our decision-making. With that in mind, beginning Monday, March 23, all Lanier staff will be available during their normally scheduled work hours for such items as virtual meetings, planning sessions, student support, and phone check-ins.

    • Online student-directed lessons will be provided by content and grade level for all students. Lessons and learning activities will be provided for all core content during the week of March 23, and then all courses moving forward beginning the week of March 30.
    • Students can use computers, laptops, tablets, iPads and phones to access the digital curriculum
    • Digital resources that students will be asked to complete as part of their daily instruction include the following:
      • Imagine Math: All students currently have access.
      • Imagine Language and Literacy: All EL students currently have access. As of March 23, all HISD students will have access. This will require students new to the platform to take an assessment when they first log in for placement within the learning platform.
      • MyOn Digital Books: All elementary students currently have access. Effective March 23, all middle and high school students will have access.
      • Engenuity: Middle school students currently have access.
      • MackinVia: All middle and high school students will continue to have access.
    • Instruction for the week of March 23 will be available online as listed below:
      • March 23-27, 2020: Students will be able to log in and interact with the digital resources listed above.
      • March 31: Curriculum-based lessons/activities will go live.
    • For support with the digital resources and curriculum, contact instructional technology at instech@houstonisd.org.
    • HELP Desk will be available during normal business hours beginning March 23.

    Per HISD guidelines, Lanier MS will not be available for student visits on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Student visits to retrieve important items brought from home or that will be helpful for their learning will begin on Wednesday and continue through Friday. After Friday, March 27th HISD buildings will be sealed and sanitization will begin. Per guidelines imposed recently, only 10 students may congregate in the same area, and these 10 must remain at least 6’ apart. Violations of this policy are subject to a $2000 fine.

    A schedule will be published soon on which day and during which time your student may come to Lanier to retrieve his or her possessions.

    Patience, understanding and flexibility will be needed during this timeframe as we do what is necessary for the safety and well-being of students, staff and the entire HISD community.