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  • Beastmode

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 5/13/2020

    Here are your last two flipgrids:

    blackbelt picking


    blackbelt fretting



    send me a guitar/music question with your resoonse and I'll do my best to asnswer, It can be anything. AMA


    do one or both, good luck ! 

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  • On to the prechorus

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 5/5/2020

    here is thias week's flipgrid assignment 



    and here's the updated music that you'll see me refrencing in the clip

    Imagine verse and prechorus print it out if you can

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  • And now switch

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/27/2020

    new flipgrid assignment for you guys:



    nothing tricky. Make sure you get it in by Friday, 



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  • Let's do Flipgrid

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/20/2020

    Y'all click the link, sign in with your school email, and do the assignment. 




    Here's the PDF music file

    Imagine verse

    here's the youtube links again showing you how to do it:


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  • Me tube you tube

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/15/2020

    here's a video I made this morning running you through the verse chords that I posted on Monday. Make sure you take breaks so you don't wear your handout with that bar chord. 



    leave comments and questions, and or email me if you need help. 


    Miss you guys 

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  • Lets strum (or BLOCK) some chords

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/13/2020

    Hey yall ,


    Here is the guitar part to go along with the vocals you learned. It has the chord names written in, and there is a page of chord diagrams included for all the chords in the song. 

    I will be posting a video wednesday showing how to play the part, but who can figure it out on your own?


    Imagine Verse Chord Diagram


    Imagine Verse


    Let me know in the comments if you think you got it. 



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  • DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/9/2020

    Imagine by John Lennon. 

    make sure you have this verse melody down, accompaniment chords coming next week  



    here's video I made to help, just in case you miss my pretty face. (Watch the end for a special guest appearance.)

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  • are you in tune?

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/7/2020


    check this out if your guitar's out of tuna

    dont forget to comment on the last post.




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  • Name that tune

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/6/2020



    1. What is the song in the reading assignment. (see previous two blog posts)


    2. What is your #Stay Home song?


    Dont forget to include your name to get credit and all comments will be approved by me so will not show immediately. please be patient.


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  • anybody know what you're playing yet?

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/1/2020

    Here's a hint

    all starts with the count.


    Anybody know whart song this is ??


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