• Coach

    Coach Liggett

    School E-Mail Address: bliggett@houstonisd.org
    I Teach: Physical Education, Health
    Bio: Hello, I am Coach Liggett. This is my 9th year teaching PE and Health at the High School for
    Law and Justice. I have 16 years of overall teaching experience. I was an English Language Arts
    teacher specializing in test-taking skills in Florida for the first 8 years and I moved back to Texas
    to be closer to family. I have 12 years of experience coaching high school football and I have
    been the Head Archery Coach here at the school for 8 years now.
    I am originally from Beaumont but have lived in the Houston area for many years. I live down
    in Pearland with my wife Beth, my 11-year-old daughter Jaclyn and my 9-year-old son Beau.
    A Day Conference Period: 9:35am - 11:05am
    B Day Conference Period: 9:35am - 11:05am

    Phone: 713-867-5100