Beginner Guitar

  • This is it

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 5/13/2020

    This is your last flipgrid assignment , 



    If you have a guitar play all of exercise C and your three major scales (3 or 6 strings)


    If you don't have a guitar, read the notes in rhythm for all of exercise C


    Here are links to everything you will need including the music as a PDF file that you can download. 


    Reading exercises PDF:

    Reading Exercises 2020


    Beginner warmups


    beginner warmups (3 strings)



    major scales (6 strings)



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  • Now Let's Read those Notes

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 5/5/2020

    Here is your new assignment. Now you are reading in the notes in rhythm. 



    If you need a little extra practice with identifying notes, you can go play around on for a little while. 


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  • show me some counting.

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/27/2020


    Hey guys it was great seeing you all. 

    Here's what I want you to look at this week. This is our reading exercises page that we were working on before we left since I know most of you didn't get to bring it home with you. It's better that your old one because I wrote the count in for you. Print it if you can or just follow it on your devices. 

    reading exercises 2020


    the new assignment is live now on flipgrid, just click this link. 



    let me know if you have any questions. 


    MR h

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  • Flipgrid Assignment

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/20/2020

    Hey guys , I posted an assignment on Flipgrid and heres the link:

    Click on the link and sign in with your school email. watch the video and follow instructions. 


    Can't wait to see you!!!




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  • demo

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/15/2020

    hey guys.

    I just posted a demo on youtube walking you through the exercises.  If you can get a score of 20/20 I'd say youre doing great. 

    Everyone watch the video


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  • Check out this sight

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/13/2020


    click on the link and check out this exercise. It's great for you guys that dont have guitars at home. when you get there you'll need to change a few things in settings. 


    1. go to settings


    2. change the fret positions to this:


    3. change the strings:


    Remember that a sharp goes up or forward fret and a flat goes back or down. see how many out of 20 you can get right. 


    let me know how you do the first time in the comments. 

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  • need help tuning?

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/7/2020


    here's a quick vid I whipped up if you need help tuning your axe.

    don't forget to comment on the last post

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  • What's your #Stay Home song?

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/6/2020



    What song have you been listening to that helps get you through the days stuck st home?


    Everybody give me at least one and post it in the comments of this blog!! and dont forget to leave your name.

    Dont forget to include your name to get credit and all comments will be approved by me so will not show immediately. please be patient.

    This will be for a grade, post a comment and you get a 100.

    Can't wait to hear from you!!





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  • Warm ups on Youtube

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 4/1/2020

    POMS Guitar Beginner Guitar Warmups


    this link should take you to a youtube vid running through warmups.

    I know you don't all have guitars at home but for those who do make sure you're picking them up and starting with your warmups every chance you get.

    Hope you're staying healthy and happy 










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  • Hey guys ,

    Posted by Frank Huezo on 3/30/2020

    Here are your reading exercise and chord diagram. I an assuming most of you had to leave yours at school.


    make sure you have all of the notes and rhythms witten in for exercise A

    Reading Exercise


    Thanks guys. Feel free toreach out if you neeed anything.

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