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    Log in to the HUB and go to your courses to see more information from your teachers. Each of your classes may be a little different in terms of the resources, technology, and expectations your teachers are using, depending on the subject and grade level.



    The easiest way to access all of your resources is to sync and link to your HISD Google account.

    Click here for a video tutorial on how to do just that!


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    HUB Resources are intended for HISD Students and Staff.


    Click here to log in to the HUB.


    If you need help with district log-in, eMail Ms. Railsback by clicking here.


    You will use your student ID number to log in to the HUB. You MUST place the "S" in front of the number. Your password will be your birthday, using two two digits for the month, two digits for the day, and four digits for the year. See the example below for more details:


    USERNAME:  S_ _ _ _ _ _ _







    Want to log in to the HUB from your smartphone? It's easy! Just download the ITS Learning App.


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    • Download the App
    • Launch the App
    • Click on "External Log In"
    • Choose "Houston ISD"
    • Log in to the HUB
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    OFFICE 365


    Access eMail (Outlook), Microsoft Teams, Word, and more!


    Click here to log in to Office 365.


    Log in with your HISD stuent email address:

    S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ online.houstonisd.org






    How To Share Your Work

    All work you complete in Office 365 will be saved in your OneDrive (found in the Office 365 Apps). Teachers' email addresses are already programmed into your account, so share with your teacher by typing their last name first, then their first name, then selecting their email address.