• PVA update Wednesday, April 1, 2020


    Good Afternoon!


    Touching base on this beautiful, yet quiet, April Fools Day. I keep waiting for all this sickness and social distancing to be announced an April Fools prank, but alas that is not to be.  I do hope that you are doing OK, staying safe, and staying home (as possible).  I received a number of e-mails from teachers yesterday as we kicked off virtual instruction.  Everyone was excited to "see" most of their kids and some commented on how emotional it was for them as a faculty.  WE MISS YOUR KIDS!!!  A few students have not checked in with teachers and we are concerned about them.  If you can ask yours if they have checked their HISD e-mail, sent an e-mail to a teacher, and/or at least logged on the HISD HUB, that would be helpful.  Our goal is to have connected with every kid by tomorrow afternoon, as every teacher should have "seen" all classes by that time.


    A number of parents have e-mailed asking if it would be possible for us to have a list of assignments for the different teachers/classes in order to keep track of student progress during this online process. We hurriedly put together a Weekly Assignment Form for this week, March 30 to April 3. It is saved as a PDF and the text is small in order to make things fit on two pages.  It will take some maneuvering, but hopefully this will be helpful. A reminder that GradeSpeed has course information and teachers will be keeping grades and assignments up to date in that platform. Our plan is to share with you the assignments for next week as soon as we have those complied, perhaps even in a more user friendly format.  These will also be posted on the school website (http://www.hspva.org). I am also sharing the Online Instruction Format for this week and next one more time.


    We know that online instruction is not ideal and we would like nothing more than for 790 Austin Street to be packed with all 794 of our young artists NOW. Please let us know if you need anything and know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers today and in the days ahead.


    Thanks for all you are doing to make this work for your PVA student!





    R. Scott Allen, Ed.D.


    Kinder HSPVA