• Prom

    We have made payment for prom venue. Just like graduation we are waiting for an announcement from our district to be made by May 3rd as it relates to school opening or extension of school closure.

    • The management is very flexible as it relates to rescheduling. They even said it can be rescheduled to next year.  They have stated if we cancel event, they will not issue a refund. My concern is if they keep deposit, we have less flexibility. They have many other events that also need to be rescheduled and we have a very tight window to reschedule.
    • If we demand a refund of deposit, and if we successfully secure a refund of deposit, we have more options (we can reschedule with same venue, a different venue or use funds for something else.) If we are unable to secure a refund from venue, we are in same situation.

     Update: We have demanded a refund as of 4/8/2020