• Direct Link to order cap and gown from Josten's




    Orders can be placed over the phone at 1-800-jostens.  This is a bi-lingual service open from 8am-6pm

    Parents/students can call our office located 506 E. Main Street in Humble at 281-446-5430.

    There will be a scheduled curbside pickup around mid-May at East ECHS. More info coming soon.


    Message from Jostens 

    We wanted to reach out and let you know that we are still here and anxious to help you and your seniors once we have the all clear!  We have diverted your shipments to our local office so that they would not be returned to Jostens.  We felt this was in your school’s best interest as your school is currently closed!


    The majority of calls and emails we have received from senior’s families have been with regard to how and when they will receive their graduation items.  We continue to have families order their graduation items online and over the phone through our call center.  Many have expressed that they would like to get their cap and gown so they can have pictures made.  As an alternative to in-school deliveries, many Jostens reps have had great success with doing curbside deliveries on school parking lots.  We would be happy to do the same at your school should you so desire. (We will follow up with more info about this)


    With regard to graduation announcements, fortunately they are graduation announcements and not graduation invitations.  Parents are still planning on announcing their senior’s graduation from high school, but some have concerns about the date, time and location information should this change.  We are informing them that when the final decision is made, if needed, we will provide deluxe inserts with any changes to the relevant information at no charge to your seniors.


    We are hearing from schools all across the country that their seniors will have some form of graduation.  The following recommended actions are options

    1. Proceed with plans as is (if still an option).
    2. Delay ceremonies if necessary.
    3. Plan some sort of diploma presentation ceremony, potentially streamed and with pictures.
    4. As a last resort, have a virtual commencement ceremony.


    Jostens is currently finalizing a virtual graduation as a last resort contingency which we will share with you once it’s fully released. Please know that Jostens will not charge for this program should you choose to use it. There are other companies that are offering a virtual graduation experience for a cost.