• HISD Digital Resources
    HISD offers a variety of digital resources, such as textbooks, digital libraries, digital video content, and more, to all students. You can log in directly to the Digital Resources page by clicking here. Please note, you will need to log in with your student's email address and password. 


    The HISD HUB a K-12 online teaching and learning platform that allows students access to a variety of digital curriculum materials, communications with their teachers, digital classwork and more. The HUB can be accessed from any device by visiting www.HoustonISD.org/HUB.


    How can students access most Digital Resources and the HUB?

    Students can log in to most digital resources by using their HISD network ID and password.

    Your child's username: Student\S#######
    #'s represent your student's ID Number. For example, Student\S1234568. Make sure to use the backslash key and not the regular slash.

    Your child's password: XXXXXXXX
    X's represent your student's 8-digit birthday. For example, August 10, 2008 is 08102008