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  • **Students will find this information (and more) via announcements and posts in their Google Classroom stream.**

     Distance Learning Overview - Week 3 (4/13-4/20)

    - Khan Academy Videos: These are entirely optional, and you may only need to watch some of them. But rather than having to search topics on your own, I have “assigned” helpful videos in your Khan account that could assist with the activity.
    - Also, Mr. Redstone has created the following videos if you’d like a little review over solving multi-step equations 🙂

    You’ll find the assignment in the classwork section (here in Google Classroom):

    -Solving Algebraic Equations Pixel Art (ONLY LEVEL 3 REQUIRED)

    Levels 1 & 2 are there for skill development if you want to build up to the higher difficulty. If level 3 is too hard to start out, go do a couple problems from 1 & 2 to practice those skills first. You will need to type “x=___” when entering your answers. This is my first time using Google Sheets for an assignment, so please email me if you have technical issues.

    Looking for more...?
    -See last week's note about playing ProdigyMath!
    -ProdigyMath not your favorite? Try the puzzles at https://solveme.edc.org/mobiles/

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  • **Students will find this information (and more) via announcements and posts in their Google Classroom stream.**
    Distance Learning Summary for Week 2 (4/6 - 4/12)

    Solving Multi-Step Equations / Number of Solutions

    The following 3 items will be graded for this week (& wrap up Cycle 5). Please complete by this Sunday (4/12) @ 8:00 PM:

    1) WARM UP - Please start with this short Desmos activity involving 2-step equations:
    - Go to student.desmos.com.
    - Enter class code: WA3KYT
    - Click "Sign in with Google" using your HISD email address. When you are signed in, it will save your progress if you have to leave and come back to it later or experience a tech issue.

    **Graded Assignment will be the total points earned from KA exercises and videos**
    2) LESSONS & PRACTICE - Now for some videos and practice problems in Khan Academy...
    - Login to the HUB to access digital resources/Clever
    - Select the Khan Academy app from any section of Clever
    - Complete all assignments (both videos & exercises) in the order they appear.
    ***As usual, you may retry the exercises as many times as you’d like to get the grade you want! But before you attempt these multiple times, please consider texting me for some quick help @ 832-674-1019. Don't be shy! We could probably meet for a few minutes and clear things up.

    3) Please submit a response in Google Classroom to the check-in question I posted last week in the Classwork section (if you haven’t already). I will also be posting a survey this week to find out when/how you would prefer to meet, so I can try to be available when you might need help...
    OPTIONAL - Extra Credit Opportunity for Cycle 5

    Need a mental break? Want to play a game? :)
    If you are fighting boredom and would enjoy battling your classmates with an entertaining game online... I have set up our classes (and myself *insert villain laugh here*) on ProdigyMath, a game that might make you forget you are doing math all together! If you want some extra credit for Cycle 5 and to practice some skills for next year, this is a great option.
    GAME TIPS: At first the game will start out VERY easy and then get more advanced as it gathers your math ability and teaches you how to play, so give it a little time... I've heard good things from both students and teachers. If you select “playing at school” it will automatically join you in the same area to battle your classmates; choosing “play at home” will let you choose any area/world you’d like (details on this in attachment). Give it a chance, you might like it... 😉

    1) Log in to ProdigyMath using your google sign-in.
    Prodigy Class Codes.png
    Prodigy_Multiplayer Worlds Explained.pdf
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  • **Students will find this information (and more) via announcements and posts in their Google Classroom stream.**

    Week 1 Summary of Student Work and Tasks

    ASSIGNMENTS DUE (by Sunday evening at 8:00 PM):
    - Complete the benchmark assessment on Imagine Math (login through the HUB) if you have not already completed it.
    - Complete the first pathway assigned in Imagine Math called Distance Learning I which will review solving equations (this should begin right after completing the benchmark).

    - Please email me with questions about late or missing work. I am still entering the assignments collected by the sub before break, but should have all of that in GradeSpeed by mid-week.
    - Please email me if you need to make up the Linear Functions Test from the last week of class.
    - Finish or retry Khan Academy assignments assigned before spring break THIS WEEK.
    - Feel free to contact me during office hours daily from 1:00 - 3:00. I can meet with you face to face in Microsoft Teams, with a whiteboard and all! I would love to be able to help with your questions and see your smiling faces :), so feel free to join me even if you just want to say hi. I can meet other times as well if this is not a good time for you, so just send me a quick email if we need to chat at a different time.
    - Try to access your school email inbox because this will be the easiest way for me to find you and invite you to a video chat in Microsoft Teams. You might consider downloading the Microsoft Office App to your smart phone if that is a convenient option.
    - And last, BUT NOT LEAST, if you have not received or completed the google form sent out by the 8B cluster please do so as soon as possible (link below). Even if you are in A or C house, this would be great info for me to have about how to contact you and what tech resources you have at home.

    Thanks for all your help and patience while we figure everything out... and know that we all miss seeing you! ;)

    Ms. Wells
    POMS 8B Check-in and Contact Information
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  • **Students will find this information (and more) via announcements and posts in their Google Classroom stream.**

    Welcome to our Google Classroom!
    I hope all of you and your families are doing well, and I miss seeing you all. :)

    Here is what you need to know for now...

    Assignments for Week 1 of Distance Learning (3/31 - 4/5):

    IMAGINE MATH (must login via the HUB like we do for Khan Academy, & it is mobile friendly)
    1. Complete the 30 question Benchmark in Imagine Math (if you have not already completed it). You will get a grade for completing it and doing your best. Keep in mind that this information may be used to assign lessons later, so be sure to try your best and complete without help (except from a calculator). You don't want to be bored later, so be sure this benchmark represents what you know and what still needs some improvement.
    2. Immediately after the benchmark is complete (or when you log in if that was already done), you will see a pathway called "Spring 2020_Distance Learning I" that must be completed by Sunday at 8 PM. There are a couple topics which are review content for ALG I, but the number of lessons could be different based on your performance (because the program will direct you to other topics if it thinks you need some help). Just know there are at least 2 lessons to work through, so keep working until the pathway is complete.

    *although we are starting in Imagine Math, we will be using other software as we go... don't stress, I will be assigning you some variety once we know what technology everyone is working with. :)

    Previous Assignments from Cycle 5:
    If you have unfinished or undesirable grades on Khan Academy assignments, please handle that ASAP. I will be adding some other grades in GradeSpeed from the assignments I picked up this week (mostly from the time you spent with the sub before break).

    Please stay in touch with me, and know that I will be available to chat with you whenever possible. All your teachers will have official office hours from 1-3 pm starting next Tuesday (meaning we are next to computer and ready to answer your questions). I will also be posting some helpful links to assist you while you complete assignments in case you need a different explanation.

    Hope to talk to each of you soon!
    Ms. Wells

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  • Hi everyone,

    I hope all of you and you families are doing well, and I miss seeing you all. I'll be sending you announcements about assignments and helpful links for learning through Google Classroom, so please join your class period using the codes below. Talk to you soon! :)


    Google Classroom:


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    Coding Period 5 - yjvtn45

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