• PVA update Friday, May 1, 2020



    Greetings on this first day of May!


    What a beautiful day it was.  In our weekly virtual faculty meeting, I thanked our teachers for the amazing work they do.  Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted them to know that they are always incredible, but this year I consider them to be superheroes!  No doubt this social distancing and remote instruction has been trying for everyone, but I feel like HSPVA teachers have stepped up and I could not be more proud.  If you have a moment, a short e-mail to a teacher or tow might be a nice surprise next week!


    A few reminders as we close out this week:


    1. Senior were asked to complete two surveys this week.  We are requesting that these both be senior driven and not with parental input.  We could use your help encouraging students to get them done as participation rates are low!


    One is nominating a fellow senior for PTO scholarships.  They deadline for that is TODAY.  Seniors got an e-mail with an individualized link for this survey.


    The second is sot a PTO project for seniors and has a deadline of Monday, May 4thhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd4cMkL_xDpjDaz5EyyxTOhWBKWzpD7j20Zoqp0yjasDdb6oQ/viewform?usp=sf_link



     2. Monday brings another Senior Show Visual Art Opening at 4:00 pm.  Details will be posted on HSPVA social media sites and we will provide information in Monday’s reminders.


    3. Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo and you won’t want to miss the HSPVA’s Mariachi On Deck! on the Discovery Green’s Facebook Page at noon!


    4. Junior parents be on the lookout for an e-mail from the counselors with information that would have usually been shared at our Junior Parent Meeting.



    That is all for now.  We will have the Weekly Assignment document to you with a few more reminders and updates Monday.  Have a good weekend!





    Scott Allen, Ed.D.


    Kinder HSPVA