• HUB Registration (capped student transfers):7:00 am on May 12 through 11:59 pm on May 17* 

    *During this window, please complete the following steps: 


    1. Send an email to gvigil@houstonisd.orgwith the following naming norm in the subject line:  "HUB Grade Registration – Student's Last Name, First Initial" (ex. HUB 2nd Grade registration – Skywalker, L.)                                                                Include the following information in the email:   
      • Student's Name 
      • Grade Level for 2021-22 
      • Current Capped School 
      • Parent Contact phone number 

    2. Parent will be notified of any missing documents.   

    3. Once Steps 1 – 2 have been completed and all documents have been received, you will receive an email with your child's registration number which indicates you have completed the HUB registration process for your child.  You will receive a phone call in August from your child's homeroom teacher. 

    4. Your child must be at school on the first day of school by 9:00 am in order to be officially enrolled.  If students are not present at school on the first day of school by 9:00 am, they will be removed from our roster since spots cannot be reserved.