• Form Information

    The following is a list of all forms included in the enrollment package. All forms in the application package must be filled and signed by the parent/guardian:

    Page 1: HISD Enrollment Form

    Collects student's basic contact, demographic and identifying information.

    Page 2: Home Language Survey

    Certifies the primary language spoken by the student at home. This is to be used to determine if the student will need supplemental language services and to inform placement recommendations.

    Page 3: Family Survey

    Used to determine whether the student qualifies for additional services through the Migrant Education Program.

    Page 4: Ethnicity and Race Data Questionnaire

    Collects information about the student's race and ethnicity data for state and federal accountability reporting.

    Page 5: Health Inventory

    Determines if the student has any medical condition that might require special attention and/or services.

    Page 6: Student Assistance Questionnaire

    Used to determine if the student's living situation qualifies them for special assistance.

    Page 7: Socioeconomic Information Form

    Collects information on the income of the student's household and other socioeconomic indicators to guide distribution of federal funding.

    Page 8-9: Privacy Code

    Information on the district's student record privacy practices and policies. Certifies the parent's choice on how the district should handle dissemination of directory information.

    Page 10: Student Media Consent and Release Form

    Grants district permission to produce media with the student's likeness. This permits the school and the district to utilize any pictures taken at school activities or events.

    Page 11: Powerup Loan Agreement

    Stipulates the rules and conditions for the district's one-to-one laptop lending program and certifies their acknowledgement by the parent/guardian and student.