• Required Documents

    The following is a list of all documentaton required to complete enrollment into Sharpstown High School.

    Parent/Guardian Identification

    State or government issued photo ID for the parent or legal guardian of the student.

    • Drivers license
    • State ID Card
    • Passport
    • Foreign Passport
    • Green Card

    Student's Birth Certificate

    American and foreign birth certificates are accepted. This information is used only as proof of the student's age and identity.

    Proof of Students Identity

    US Citizens, Legal Residents or DACA Recipients

    Social Security Card

    Other foreign nationals

    Foreign passport or identity card.

    Proof of Address


    2 Utility bills in the name of the adult designated as guardian.


    A current copy of your rental lease.

    Students Immunization Records

    All students must show acceptable evidence of vaccination prior to entry, attendance or transfer to an HISD campus.

    See Vaccine Requirements

    SPED or ADA accommodation records.

    If necessary, parent's should submit any relevant ARD records or 504 plan documents