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    Senior Painted Parking Spots

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    Class of 2021 senior students who submitted their parking application by June 19, 2020 and received an approved parking permit have the option to paint their own parking spot on the 4th level of the garage for an additional $50 (does not include permit, paint or supplies).  



    • To beautify the campus
    • To build school spirit
    • To create a senior tradition
    • To support Lamar PTO fundraising activities benefiting the students, teachers and staff of Lamar High School


    HOW MUCH? 

    • $50 to paint your parking space (does not include permit, paint or supplies). "General" parking spaces will continue to be available for senior students who do not wish to paint a parking spot. All painted parking spots will be on the 4th level of the garage (except for the reserved parking space auction winners).



    • Step 1: Once you have an approved student parking permit, purchase a Painted Parking Space for $50 here by Monday, August 31st.


    • Step 2: Submit a copy of your design to Mr. Jackson jjackso9@houstonisd.org (use attached form “Senior Parking Design Request”) AND the Student Agreement (attached) by Monday, August 31st.


    • Step 3: Once your design has been reviewed, you will receive an email (at the email address you provide on the Design Request Form) letting you know if it is approved, unacceptable, or if any changes need to be made. Design request form must be done in color and must represent exactly what will be painted on your parking space.


    • Step 4: You will attend 1 of 4 designated painting sessions on Saturday, September 19th or Saturday, September 26th to complete your painting. Sign up for a spot here. You may ONLY paint during the designated painting days/hours under school supervision.



    • Paint must be water-based exterior latex.
    • No spray paint, reflective or fluorescent paint permitted.
    • You must provide your own paint and supplies (consider sharing with others).
    • You must leave a 4-inch border from the white parking lines.
    • All painted parking spots will be on the 4th level of the garage (except for the reserved parking space auction winners).
    • You must social distance and wear a mask.



    • No offensive language, pictures, emojis or symbols.
    • No negative or rude language (Be nice).
    • No “gang-style tagging.”
    • No double-entendre (word or phrase open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué or indecent).
    • You may include your name but no one else’s name. If you want to use a nickname it must be approved. (A boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name is NOT allowed.)

    If you paint any prohibited items in your space, you will need to paint over the parking space, may face disciplinary action, and you may forfeit your parking permit with no refund. 



    Show up on time!

    • Step 1: Check in with the school supervisor and get your paint approved.

    What you’ll need:

    • A mask
    • Your paint
    • A copy of your approved design – so you will have your approved template to follow. You must follow this design exactly – no changes allowed.
    • A broom to sweep off your spot before painting. (A battery-powered leaf blower works even better)
    • Paintbrushes, rollers, paint trays (rollers for “rough surface” work best)
    • Painter’s tape to tape off your design space with a 4-inch border from the white parking lines
    • Stencils
    • Water bucket for dirty brushes
    • Trays for paint
    • Chalk (to sketch out design)
    • A blanket or cardboard to kneel/sit on while painting
    • Paper towels
    • Water


    • Step 2:
    • Tape off your design space leaving a 4-inch border from the white parking lines. It is advisable to tape this border off when painting border from the white parking lines.
    • Begin painting
    • After painting, clean up your area and remove all supplies and trash


    Painted Parking Spot -- Student Agreement



    Name: _____________________________________   Parking Spot #: ____________________


    Address: ____________________________________    Phone Number: __________________


    License Plate Number: ___________________  


    I hereby agree to abide by all the following rules and regulations corresponding to my privilege of having a painted parking spot:

    • I will only use water-based exterior latex paint.
    • I will check in with a school supervisor to have my paint approved before I paint.
    • I will not use spray paint, reflective paint, or fluorescent paint of any kind.
    • I will not cover the white parking lines/bumper block or number of the parking space
    • I will leave a 4-inch border between the white lines and my design. It is advisable to tape this border off when painting border from the white parking lines.
    • I will bring my own brushes and painting supplies to decorate my spot.
    • I will never park in another parking space that is assigned to someone else or let anyone park in my space.
    • I will only paint my approved design following all the guidelines in my parking space.
    • I will complete my painting during the designated painting days.


    If I do not abide by any of these rules, I realize my painting rights will be forfeited. If I paint anything unapproved in my spot, I will also forfeit my parking permit without refund, and I will paint over my spot. 


    ________________________________   Student’s Signature           ____________________ Date


    ________________________________Guardian’s Printed Name        ______________________ Guardian’s Cell Number


    __________________________________ Guardian’s Signature         ______________________ Student Cell Number


    Senior Parking Design Request

    The design must follow the below guidelines. Draw your design below in color to represent exactly what you will be painting.

    ____________________________Student name  ___________________________________Student email

    ____________________________Administrator’s approval

    Explain here what this design represents or means: 






     parking spot desing

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